Installation of Skype Call Recorder in Fedora

Alexander Matrunich bio photo By Alexander Matrunich

Recording Skype calls (when you do it legally) could be very useful for remote meetings, feedback collection, interviews. I tried to find a solution for this task and discovered good free option. Skype Call Recorder is an open source software for recording Skype calls.

Developer provides several binary packages for Debian-based GNU/Linux distributives. RPM-based packages are dated 2009.

There are instructions on compiling of Skype Call Recorder from source code. I have modified them to suit Fedora 23.

  # install dependencies
  sudo dnf install gcc-c++ make cmake qt-devel \ 
  libabigail-devel fakeroot libvorbis-devel \ 
  id3lib-devel lame-devel git 
  # retrieving source code 
  git clone
  cd skype-call-recorder
  # compiling and installing
  cmake .
  sudo make install

Once installed, the software should appear in desktop menu and also be available in shell through skype-call-recorder command. You can read detailed description on how to use Skype Call Recorder on the respective webpage of the developer.

And don’t forget to abide by the laws involving matters of legal call recording.